Hi, I'm Kim 👋 

I’m a contemplative photographer and writer who has been been writing and facilitating workshops about seeing since 2010. Many of the skills required to see clearly and make a great photograph also apply to seeing clearly in life. It’s all about the quality of attention.

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What is Seeing Clearly 2021 about?

In these days of information (and misinformation) overload, it’s more important than ever to see clearly. I firmly believe that you can cultivate the necessary skills right where you are, resulting in a deeper and more meaningful experience of everyday life. Through weekly reflections and practices, sent right to your inbox, you’ll hone your quality of attention and the ways your own preconceptions can get in the way.

And, it’s free! I wanted the content to be accessible to all, however, you can support the project financially with a monthly or annual donation. All subscribers can share photos and experiences on Instagram by adding the hashtag #seeingclearly2021. Why pay? To support the work that goes into the project and to join a community who share comments on the posts.

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